Wig Care

The wigs that we sell are packaged in a fairly compact manner so that they can be easily sent in the post. This means some of the more styled wigs can get crumpled and can therefore lose their shape. It is possible to get the shape of a wig back and below are a few tips on how this can be done.

Wig care tips

Combing - this will help with the style of the wig, simply combing the wig can help it return to the intended shape. Some wigs will have been compactly packaged up for weeks, and combing can help to get the style back.

Cutting - cutting the wig can help achieve the exact look you are going for. Sometimes wigs will get some frayed hairs which can simply be cut off to improve the look. It is also entirely possible to completely change the style of a wig by giving it a full cut, though be careful you don't cut too much off as we can not refund wigs that have been cut.

Washing - washing of the wig is also possible if you want to wear the wig again. Wigs should keep their style through washing but this can not be guarenteed due to the range in quality of wigs that we supply. Wigs can be washed in a washing machine at a low temperature but it is better to wash by hand. You can also try adding conditioner to the wig and combing it through.

DO NOT USE HEATED STYLING PRODUCTS - heated styling products such as tongues, straighteners and hairdryers can damage the wig due to the materials used. Please do not try to restyle our wigs using these products as we will not be able to accept returns on products that have been damaged after being received.

Wigs that won't style

If you are unable to get the style of a wig right through combing and washing then it is probable that the wig will never get the right style. If this has happened to your wig and you feel the advertised image is nothing like what you have received, please submit a returns form and we will get back to you.